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At Core Recruitment and Consultancy we have the harmony of our clients at heart. Our recruitment strategy is based on recent developments in the recruitment sector where we continuously keep up to date with the best tools and techniques. We strive to assist organisations in finding their balance, enhancing communication between its various components and maintaining employee engagement which is the soul of the organisation. We therefore provide a selection of services which serve to give assistance to either individuals in the organisation or to management to help find solutions to challenges which they may be encountering. We work together with management using a number of tools to first analyse the problem and deal with it professionally and scientifically. We operate by communicating with management as well as the organisation’s employees, devise a strategy for the way forward and follow through to ensure implementation and success of the strategy. The service we offer is holistic and thorough.


With a degree in Occupational Psychology from Cardiff University and thirteen years of work experience in various sectors ranging between private, social and government sectors, Daniela has been involved in consultancy for a sexual harassment campaign, recruitment and selection, training, performance management, employee engagement and HR administration. Apart from Human Resources she has recently also worked in administration within the hotel industry and has also held the position of Information Officer and trainer with the National Euro Changeover Committee where she was responsible for developing and delivering a Train the Trainer program for businesses and the government. She is currently developing her HR portfolio by studying for a CIPD qualification through the International Correspondence School (ICS). Her diverse experience in various sectors and industries working in different roles has given her the insight and capability of identifying, working and adapting to various situations which require analytical as well as practical skills. Her intention is to continue developing her skills by assisting businesses identify the missing link in their approach towards the greater organisational strategy.