HLB Falzon & Falzon

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HLB Falzon & Falzon is a member of HLB International, a worldwide network of independent accounting and consultancy firms. Together with its affiliates, HLB Falzon & Falzon is one of the leading mid-tier audit firms in Malta. The firm and its affiliates provide a range of services including tax, fiduciary, secretarial and consultancy services to a broad range of clients in the private sector. HLB Falzon & Falzon prides itself in establishing excellent relationships with its clients by providing them with a personalised and efficient service.


The firm HLB Falzon & Falzon, originally known as Falzon & Co. was originally established in 1969 by Mr John Falzon, the first elected President of the Malta Institute of Accountants and one of the pioneers of the accountancy profession in Malta. Today, HLB Falzon & Falzon employs a team of 35 people. The firm is run by John Falzon’s sons, Alfred and Godwin Falzon, the engagement partners of the firm. They have been in the audit profession for more than thirty years and boast ample audit experience, qualifications and competence. Elizabeth Gatt is an associate partner of the firm and apart from managing F&F Trust Services Ltd, a related undertaking of the firm, is also the Human Resource manager of the HLB Falzon & Falzon Group.