How to contact us

OK, we're about to give you our email address, but PLEASE do not call us if you

Our email address is

Alternatively you can call up our Customer Happiness officer - Stefan on P: +356 79431112 (same rules as above apply)

If you would like to send us any presents you can send them to our office:

The Penthouse, Level 3
Triq Dun-Karm
Goldfield House
Birkirkara, BKR9030
8AM at the Microsoft Innovation Centre
SkyParks Business Centre Ltd
Malta International Airport
LQA 4000

How to advertise using banners on our site

We have not yet set up an ad server, consequently our ads are right now static so they will get seen all the time on the pages they are placed on. If you would like to advertise with us then please contact us

Work for us

Of course, we only accept applications to work for us using 8AM. If you would like to apply to us then please start your cover letter by telling us why you like 8AM, and your vision for the future (or any part of our business, or the whole one if you're feeling frisky).

Our 8am employer profile and any jobs we have open can be found here.


About Us

8AM exists to efficiently connect Candidates with Employers. Right now in Malta, but we will venture offshore. Both employers and candidates showcase themselves with a profile and then connect by following, messaging and applying. We hope you ♥ using 8am; and we really mean that. If you don't then please tell us. Thanks!

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