NIU Ltd.

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NIU is a professional web-software development firm, based in Malta, providing a wide range of custom Internet solutions and professional services. Whether you need a small informational website or a large E-Commerce website, our talented team of developers can put together a world class website that will help you achieve your online business objectives. Our experience and expertise allows us to offer our clients sophisticated Web solutions that will succeed and are visually pleasing with an intuitive user interface.


NIU (pronounced “new”) was formed to create websites that are a beauty to behold and a pleasure to use. We didn’t want to be just another web-development company; we wanted to create websites that are different, more effective and that stand out. Based in Malta, an international ICT hub, we boast a young, vibrant team of talented IT graduates committed to design, develop and deliver exceptional websites and marketing solutions. Malta serves as the ideal base for our company, and has many advantages to companies and individuals that want to make the most of the Internet and have an effective online presence. Malta provides an excellent ICT infrastructure and has rapidly flourished in the past years to be able to offer a plethora of highly skilled experts in ICT and related sectors. Moreover, one can benefit from Malta’s strategic position between Europe and North Africa. Then there’s our name: NIU. It is itself an everyday reminder to instil innovation, new ideas and creativity into everything we do. It is our inbuilt philosophy, our name and our identity.