Quad Consultancy

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We are a Human Capital Management Consultancy specialising in Recruitment, HR outsourcing, and employee performance/development services, including: • Recruitment (we have an international database) • Outsourced Payroll Services • Outsourced HR Services • Psychometric Analysis • Personality Surveys • Conflict Management • Learning & Development • Outplacement Support Services • Coaching & Mentoring • Policies & Procedures / Employee Handbooks • Others


At Quad Malta, we only employ qualified HR people. The people forming our team of qualified professionals have worked in organisations that are market leaders within their respective fields. These organisations include: • Betfair • HBoS • The RBS Group • Starwood • Island Hotels Group • Food Chain (Holdings) Ltd • Marks & Spencer (Corporate) • others Additionally, our team in Gibraltar is also made of highly experienced professionals who have been working in leading international organisations.