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RM Construction Ltd is a joint venture operation between three of the leading road engineering companies in Malta geared to win public procurement contracts in the road construction and infrastructural services sector. The company is in the process of being awarded a major contract for the reconstruction of part of the TEN-T road network.


The sahreholding companies behind RM Construction Limited are all well established civil engineering contractors who have each been operating in this line of work for more than 35 years. RM Construction Limited is the latest of a series of joint venture operations that the companies hvae formed throughout the last seven years. Operating as a consortium in one form or another, the companies have been awarded with no less than ten major works contracts involving the construction of roads and laying of infrastructural services. All contracts awarded were the result of winning competitive bids according to the public procurement regulations of the Governemnt of Malta. All contracts were co-financed by the EU Cohesion fund and National Funds.