Rampila Restaurant

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Rampila is unique. Situated at Hastings Gardens, Valletta, Rampila comprises a Restaurant, a Wine Bar, a Terrace and an Exhibition. Designed and built by the Knights of St. John in the sixteenth centaury. as part of the defensive bastions guarding the newly constructed city of Valletta, Rampila is now a haven for good food and wine set against a very atmospheric backdrop.


The recent story begins with the delightful Traditions and Crafts Exhibition which opened in 1999. The Exhibition is the fruit of one man’s passion and love for Maltese tradition and is a remarkable and unique record of how a Maltese village of one hundred years ago would have looked. The exhibition takes the visitor back in time with life size and animated figures depicting the world as it was in 1900. The exhibition is free for Rampila guests to enjoy but is maintained by donations from visitors. By 2005 the acclaimed Fusion 4 Restaurant opened alongside the exhibition. Fusion 4 became recognized in Malta and abroad for its fine standards and excellent cuisine. Almost as an act of natural progression Rampila restaurant followed. In the summer of 2010. Rampila opened offering Mediterranean cuisine but with a very definite and confident modern Maltese influence. The name Rampila is of a traditional, but almost forgotten, kitchen hook that was used in past times to keep food cool by the practice of hanging it just above the water in the well. It also is the name given to the “Spider Plant” (or Chlorophytum comosum) which is one of Malta’s national plants. As Rampila we quickly built a reputation for a great kitchen. Our menu at Rampila boasts an intriguing Maltese/Mediterranean fusion, with traditional dishes like rabbit, quail, duck and of course fresh locally caught fish being presented in all sorts of creative and tempting ways. Everything is prepared freshly and the restaurant is busy with locals, visitors and also special groups and events. The Wine Bar was opened and offers some great platters that can be enjoyed within the historic vaulted chamber or on the beautiful terrace. The wine list was designed to be complimentary to both the super dishes being offered and for accompanying platters. With the completion of restoration works to the ancient bastions as part of the Valletta City Gate Project the terrace at Rampila remains a delight. The 460 year old bastion walls have been restored as part of the project and the new City Gate designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano is there in front of you as you enjoy all that Rampila has to offer. With the planned steps leading down to Republic Street Rampila will again in the thick of it yet remaining a complete oasis of calm and relaxation.