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Think is a digital agency based in Malta, specialising in anything web-related. We have the unique ability to develop a concept into a full-scale project, thus providing our clients with a fully comprehensive professional package. Think has been entrusted with the realisation of a number of projects for leading companies and organisations both local and worldwide. 

Think provides services that are tailored to incorporate all aspects of the web thus providing the client with a personalised and all-inclusive professional package.

Our principal aim is to conceptualize our clients’ thoughts, ideas and expectations and transform them into professional, informative and user-friendly visual media. In order to achieve this we produce work that not only fulfils the clients’ needs but also exceeds their expectations. 


Think thrives on a team of young professionals who are consumed with creativity. In the airy white offices, that are the blank canvas which stimulate the mind of the technical artists inhabiting them, Think employees are driven by the creative process including brain storming meetings where everyone is encouraged to Think.

As a company, Think aims to create a pleasant environment for its employees, so it adheres and accommodates to the young team that is the heart of the company; a team that enables it to stand out. So, at Think, you’ll find a friendly environment, a casual dress code and employees take an early start to the weekend thanks to Short Fridays.

With weekly extracurricular activities, the Think team is a close knit group even off work, as they can easily switch from whipping up innovative ideas around a desk to being awesome on the football pitch or simply relaxing in a bar. Think’s animated environment is the driving force that urges the team to pursue success and innovation on their agenda.

Employees are advised to undertake regular research to be at the forefront of what is happening in the world of the web so they are constantly aware of new trends, improved approaches and methods, to continually sustain the dynamic product Think strives to implement. In an old school approach, ideas are first generated by scribbling on the Think notebook, and then they are blown into the highest proportions with the fearless imagination of the young Think team whose aim is to carve their own path in this sector. Ultimately, the Think team endeavours to design, create and implement in an innovative manner that reflects the cutting-edge direction of this company. With an atmosphere that is not stiff and a business that is growing steadily every day, Think is an ideal environment for any talented creative who is not afraid to Think outside the box, going where no man has gone before!

Think you have the ability to work for Think? If you are a creatively educated individual and you feel that you can contribute to our company, then send us your details, we are growing!