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Our function as recruitment partners is to bring together employers and career / job seekers whilst maximising their time, efforts and resources. Here at job centre Malta we endeavour to assist employees in pursuing their career further to fulfil their ambitions. At the same time, we also strive to match the requirements of employers when it comes to recruitment in Malta. Through our website, career and job seekers are able to browse through a regularly updated Job Bank for various opportunities that are available and thus our recruitment experts highly recommend that the site is visited regularly to ensure that they never miss out on any positions that could be interesting for their consideration. Through this system, vacancies are exposed online 24/7.


Since our launch in 1999, we are proud to have become the top choice in recruitment as a seccessful job centre in Malta for the local business and working community. The Team Our Team is ready to assist you in finding the best job opportunity in Malta that suits your needs. We strive to be pro-active in what we do, in the services we offer and in all our communications. We're here for you!