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We provide an array of services, mainly in the provision of labour. We currently supply over 500 persons to various business entities around the island, ranging from security officers to clerks, machine operators, accounts clerks....... Another company within the group provides financial services and our relatively new company provides logistics and building support services. We also specialise in the provision of security manpower, response and consultancy.


The first Company within the group started in 1995, PF Services tasked in offering financial services. Two years later JF Security was incorporated, what started with 1 employee now boasts a total work force of over 150 persons. In 2003 a sister company to JF was created to take over any business relating to local enforcement and six years later all was re branded under Vinci Group. In 2009/2010 JF Logistics, offering courier and messenger services was established and JF Services, the latter took over the provision of various services that was operated through JF Security; JF Services has over 350 employees. The Group is supported by an effective and dedicated management team, encompassing specialised professions for the various companies and a capable team of overlooking the operation of the whole Group.