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YoTechnologies Limited is a company founded by expert technology personnel and diverse industry experts to provide the online market with the necessary tools for success. The products offered are mainly software applications such as an interchange system that is tailor-made for any particular customer. Furthermore YoTechnologies intends to be one of the top companies dealing with data-mining and analytics to extract information otherwise overlooked by the people handling their database of information. This in turn allows the customer to take advantage of the market and think ahead for company growth. The operations are set in Malta being one of the best technology hubs in Europe and opening up potential opportunities within Europe itself, Middle East, etc. The setup of YoTechnologies is designed in such a way to be able to act as a resource company providing a wide range of knowledge and may act as a consultancy firm to firms that are trying to expand. It will create direct jobs in Malta especially in the I.T. Industry.


YoTechnologies is founded and operated by Knut Emlén and Nikolai Livori. Nikolai Livori has a strong programming background and brings over a decade of relevant work experience as well as a vast knowledge of IT, operations, eCommerce and IT management to YoTechnologies. Working as the CTO at Bet24 (Nordic Betting Ltd.), Mr. Livori enabled the company and teams to compete with much larger organisations in core markets by focusing on strategic and high-level operational and leadership areas. Through his streamlining operations, IT processes and infrastructure, external partnerships and the entire product offering, Bet24 was in a position to launch new niche products in record time and under budget. In addition to this, Mr. Livori has overseen several eCommerce platform integrations to exploit opportunities and streamline processes in Bet24 to operate 'mean and lean' with a minimum of human resources involved. He has also demonstrated his entrepreneurial capabilities by founding his own company, FlashyDevil, through which he showcases his mathematical, AI (artificial intelligence) and technical abilities with the creation of his own game engine, the FDEngine. Mr. Emlén has a vast experience and knowledge from the trader perspective through working as an arbitrage trader for several years. He therefore knows first-hand what the target group of arbitrage traders are looking for in the arbitrage market and how YoTechnologies can develop their product offering to fill that gap by taking a customer focused approach to product, service and business development and innovation. Mr. Emlén also has a background in electronics project management and has provided ad-paid Internet displays (media panels). He is a true entrepreneur and has worked in a number of different companies and been in the IT industry since 1997. Mr. Emlén is a Co-Founder of Fair Trading Technology, launched in August 2010, the world’s first totally transparent two-way integration forex trading platform with MetaTrader to true ECN trading at the SWFX Marketplace of Dukascopy Bank. The company succesfully launched a white label program based on honesty, transparency, innovation and security in June 2011 in cooperation with Dukascopy.