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Management,Marketing,Customer support,Receptionist,French speaking,Polish speaking,English speaking  Malta Full Time


Hello ! 
Dear Mr. or Mrs. employee

I'm a Polish/French student from France. I was born in Poland so it's my mother tongue but spent more than half of my life in France so it become kindly my second mother tongue . Besides I'm learning English since more than 14 years . Like I said I'm a student , I'm on my last year at the university (finishing in 2,5 months) . Also I will obtain a B.A. in applied foreign languages , what I did during my last year's at university I studied management , marketing , company construction , basic laws , basic economy, accounting and of course many languages Everything is written on my cv.
So like I said I finish university in 2-3 months after that I will go to Malta and try to start my life there , there for I'm looking for a job to be able to do it . Thanks to my university degree I can feet in any management/marketing job. Thanks to all languages that I speak at high level, receptionist or any job with touch with clients could be also great. I worked already during some time before, mainly my job consisted to take orders from customers , get calls , make orders etc .. I am motivated and hardworking and I believe I have the qualities and qualifications required to meet your needs. 

King regards to everyone who will pass by my profile , hope if you are an employee to be pleased by it.

Zebrowski Lukasz