Co-Gaming Ltd.

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  • Location: 177, Skyway Offices, Marina Street, , Pieta, PTA 9042
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Today, ComeOn has over 170 employees worldwide, with offices in London, Stockholm, and Malta. We offer Sportsbook, Casino and Poker around the world.  We are a young, dynamic and innovative company and seek others who have the same entrepreneurial spirit to share ideas and make them happen. So, if you are tired of dealing with 'suits' who can't make decisions, and tiresome middle management politics, then ComeOn is the place to be.


We are a flat organization which means less managers managing managers. At ComeOn! we put a lot of trust in every individual, we know that if we get the tools and space to do what we do best, we will be both happy and deliver great things. This is why we have some of the greatest minds in the industry working here.But working hard also means that we need to be able to recharge our batteries once in awhile, this is the reason why we want our office atmosphere to be relaxed and cozy, come by and challenge us in FIFA or poker and if you're not into those stuff, a cold drink from the fridge on a Friday late afternoon might be your type of melody.


When a couple of friends came together in Stockholm, with their years of experience in the gaming industry; they noticed that gaming companies were stuck with technical issues, bureaucratic processes and boring communication. They decided that this was limiting the customer experience, and felt the urge to improve and build a business for the future. This business would be a solid platform for online games, as well as a site - and work force - that focused on every little detail that could in turn improve the user experience.  It was time for a gaming site to be born that was like no other. It was time for ComeOn!