English Language Academy

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The English Language Academy (ELA) has been established as a school since 1988 and is staffed by a team of qualified, dedicated and experienced teachers who are all native or bilingual speakers of English. Direct Communicative Technique methods are used throughout. These are currently considered the most effective systems of broadening the students' knowledge of vocabulary, structures and idioms.

Using only English, the teachers encourage the students to practise the language. Their interest is stimulated through new situations and alternative ways of expression. The courses cater for both fluency and accuracy.

ELA offers expert tuition in a number of courses. The level of each participant is carefully assessed before the commencement of the course. Students have to complete a placement test and have an oral interview with our Director of Studies. On completion of the course the participant is awarded a Certificate of Attendance.


ELA opened its doors in 1988 as a school specialising mostly in executive courses for the German market. Since then, it has grown from a school catering for approximately 200 students to one with an annual student population hovering around the 2500 mark. 
Our courses have evolved over the years to include junior and teen courses, general English courses, +50, various examination courses, and more specialised courses such as Business English, Legal English, and English for Tourism. ELA is also the only TOEFL iBT Centre on the island.