GRTU Malta Chamber of SMEs

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Founded in 1948, GRTU is one of the leading constituted bodies and social partner recognised at law representing owners of small and medium enterprises on Malta’s Council for Economic and Social Development. Since its origin, GRTU has come a long way and is today considered to be the major organisation that continually campaigns for the rights of retailers, traders and owner managed enterprises on a national, sectoral and local level.

GRTU is nowadays Malta’s
national organisation of independent private businesses, it is a non-political organisation that serves as the small businesses’ voice within government departments and state corporations and authorities and has gained wide recognition both on a national level as well as worldwide.

GRTU's policies have always been geared towards the fostering of private venture and the advancement of small and medium-sized owner managed enterprises. This while promoting the principles of a free enterprise economy without neglecting the peculiarities of the viability of Malta’s small economy.

GRTU constantly believes that greater prosperity is within reach if commercial principles and practices rather than political ideology were to guide economic policy-making.
As a national representative voice with the ability to negotiate a betterment of current and future business prospects, GRTU strives to organise licensed businesses in Malta, particularly those in the retail, wholesale, services and sector, so that they can achieve higher levels of efficiency and standards of operation within a democratic and liberal economic business environment. A major thrust of GRTU is the encouragement of investment and re-investment by those who really have the interest to make them: Maltese Entrepreneurs. 

GRTU believes that it is the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs that bring more investments to Malta and not the efforts of bureaucrats. 


We seek hard working and enthusiastic employees that are dedicated and creative. We take care of our employees and try to offer them the best conditions possible to be able to work comfortably.