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HSBC UK Contact Centre Malta forms part of the UK network of contact centres for HSBC customers with UK accounts. Since its foundation in 2006, the Contact Centre has experienced steady growth. Today, it employs over 430 staff members trained to assist UK account holding customers with their daily telephone and internet banking needs. As the largest Contact Centre in Malta, HSBC UK Contact Centre handles some 15,000 calls per day from its modern premises in Swatar. 
The site has taken on the opportunity to learn new skills as Customer Advocates who handle and investigate Personal Protection Insurance (PPI) complaints. Both roles are challenging and the main focus is to provide excellent customer service which is key to our employees' success.
We offer our employees a basic salary of 16,364.00 Euro, performance related bonuses, additional staff benefits.

Career advancement
The Contact Centre offers exceptional opportunities for training and job development, to help its employees achieve their full potential and fulfil their career ambitions. New recruits join a 12-week programme offering a combination of classroom training and academy training with ample hands-on experience and expert attention. Training covers both technical skills as well as soft skills. Skills acquired through the Contact Centre’s training programme can open up all kinds of opportunities in banking. 
Ensuring that employees have all they require to focus and achieve their potential with a sense of satisfaction, team-work and due reward. Two especially popular development programmes offered at Centre are the ‘Aspiring to be Senior’, and ‘Aspiring to be Team Manager’ initiatives. They encourage and support employees to continue developing as professionals, and to grow in responsibility and grade within the organisation. 

Work-life balance
Achieving an optimum work-life balance is considered a priority at the Contact Centre. To this end, a range of unique support services are offered to all employees. Employee support programmes range from private health care cover, childcare subsidies to perks as simple as seasonal healthy corners. On-site medical health checks are provided to promote and improve employees’ access to medical tests. Other benefits - unheard of in most companies in Malta – include special advantages such as an in-house gym, discounted rates on banking products, and other kinds of benefits to help employees achieve an ideal work-life balance.

Work environment and facilities
The Contact Centre is well known for its positive, informal, and highly sociable atmosphere.  A relaxing social space complete with free billiard tables, surfing zone and a cosy ‘living room’ area is offered at the Centre’s canteen to encourage employees to feel at home during their breaks. The in-house gym provides employees with another unique benefit, making it more convenient for employees to keep fit and healthy through daily exercise under the guidance of expert gym instructors.  

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