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The M. Demajo Group is active in the following sectors:-Consumer Division - Owning retail outlets in Malta as well as the importation and distribution of world leading alcohol and wines, namely Diageo and Moet Hennessy

 - Specialising in international conference and incentive events as well as FIT's and leisure groups in Malta.
The Group also owns the renowned Malta Experience, an award winning audio visual show.
Business to Business - Providing various services from Prepress & Postpress Solutions, to the supply of timber & other infrastructural and technical products in Malta

Manufacturing - Providing packaging solutions in Malta
ICT - One of the leading software resellers in Malta as well as providing quality software and IT solutions

Infrastructure - Providing engineering services in various countries around Malta & across North Africa

Oil, Gas & Energy - Catering for environmental engineering, health and safety, energy and other engineering projects.

Alliance & Ventures - Involvement with a number of local firms in large scale projects such as The Valletta Waterfront
The M. Demajo Group is one of Malta’s largest, privately owned business concerns. Set up in 1910, it is wholly owned by the Demajo family and the Group Directors today include fourth generation family members.The Group is headquartered in Malta but is active in other areas of the Mediterranean basin, in particular providing engineering services in North Africa, where it has a permanent presence and has set up alliances with local entities.Benefiting from a forward-looking philosophy that blends traditional values with dynamic achievement, the Group actively seeks to share its vision of all-round excellence, through forming partnerships with international market leaders.


In 1910, Michel Demajo set up the firm M. Demajo, a company engaged in commission trading.  This company gained strong agency representations, allowing it to survive two world wars.  Post WWII Malta experienced massive upheaval caused by the rundown of the British bases on Malta.  The second Demajo generation saw these challenges as opportunities and participated fully in the transformation of the fortress economy to one based on industry, tourism and services and in the upgrade of Malta’s infrastructure.  This diversified activity led to the setting up of several other companies resulting in today’s M. Demajo Group.Malta AttractionThe Group brought to Malta new ways of doing business based on innovative solutions and an anticipation of requirements.  The coming of age of the third Demajo generation was instrumental in the introduction to Malta of cutting edge technologies particularly in ICT (as Software resellers & software solutions providers in Malta); energy - using expertise available within the Group to cater for environmental engineering, health and safety, and other engineering projects.; environment and support to industry.  The growth in activity led to the Group’s activity going beyond Malta’s shores, providing engineering services in North Africa and eventually in the general Mediterranean region.Malta AttractionRecent years have seen the arrival of the fourth Demajo generation, the election of non-family directors and the take over of activities that were previously state run.  In some cases, the scale of these activities and the expertise required led to the setting up of alliances and joint ventures with local and international companies.As the first century of activity approaches, the Group is extending its activity in Malta and in further internationalisation.  In most cases, this growth will require new partners.   The Group is determined to uphold those strategies and values that have become hallmarks of the Group – diversification, innovation, courtesy and integrity.