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We are the only islands' Letting Specialists. We have a passion in finding people homes. We currently have 3 offices and a team of 24 Letting Specialists. 


 Our offices are very 'Google' like. We are very professional yet casual. We also have a Rock Climbing wall of goals in our office and run multiple incentive campaigns! 


Quicklets was originated from the comfort of Steve’s living room in August 2013. Steve is the company’s director and one of the three shareholders. Opening a Real Estate agency is no simple task so Steve needed to select the right partners to make this vision a reality. After not much thought Sami and his brother Mike were selected. Sami being Head of Marketing for an online Casino is in charge of the website, online marketing and Google ranking. Michael is in charge of the finances and legal department, he also makes sure we don’t over spend the budget and the company keeps in line with the law. Steve does everything else including hanging out of windows to stick up signs.   With a different approach, jaw dropping website and amazing ideas Quicklets quickly took the market by storm. End of September we closed a Euro 5250 contract at Tigne Point, this gave Steve the option to leave his fulltime job in an Imaging company and focus full time on Quikclets. By November we had the financial capital to invest in our first office, 180 Quicklets, Triq il Qasam Swieqi. 18 SQM and a decorating budget of 600 Euro. At the beginning it was still just one white desk in the back, and the side desk and just one laptop. Being a new small company it wasn’t easy to convince agents to join us. However we were determined and persistent to give it our all. We also realized that the less of a budget you have the more creative you turn out to be, the Quicklets  style was born. At Quicklets we promote efficient customer service above all. This is our most important value. “A company is not portrayed by the clothes they wear but by the efficiency of the service they have to offer” Steve Mercieca 2014. This goes hand in hand with customer service. To be able to offer excellent customer service you have to be comfortable and above all you have to be yourself.  
Our Triq Il Qasam office, state of the art website and efficient customer service started to attract a lot of attention and the Quicklets Brand started to shine a little bit more day after day. Building more relationships with people and companies our Brand started to spread. We decided to set some goals, short as well as long term. We made business plans and strategies to see how we could expand our business further and keep funding our growth without turning to the banks. Long hours, late nights, contracts on Sundays and extra miles were all a part of our journey. A few bad weeks did come our way and most probably will again but we learnt how to keep pushing and overcome this extremely competitive market, a little bit of support from family and friends did occur but of course every company has its rainy days and with no funding to fall back on we had our fair share of stressful times.   With our goals in hand and business strategy drum beating we managed to expand our office on the 1st of March 2014. We moved to an 85 SQM office on top of Jessie’s bar on the main road, 28A Quicklets, Triq Ta L-ibragg  Swieqi. We also took the risk of employing a secretary for 30 hours a week to help with the listings and take the load off Steve. As the weeks flew by some desks were donated, Sami bought a couple of towers at the cheapest price possible and Steve’s car was  used as a removal van to collect some second hand desks and chairs, expenses were kept as minimal as possible and quality of service as high as possible.
From Steve’s flat as a Sensar, to Little League in our first office - Today we have a lounge area, meeting room twenty two staff, 2 offices and over 2000 properties, the company is growing at a steady and consistent rate, we have enough resources to join the Major League.